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C++ Version of WIMS

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    Hi there,
    sometimes ago I was browsing a Nuclear Eng. Dept. website ( I can't remember what university) and ran into a project in which somebody had converted the WIMS source code from Fortran to Object Oriented C++.
    Now I'm looking for a such conversion. Can anybody help me?
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    Try this link to a journal article.


    Apparently the guys at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) have done it.

    Otherwise BNFL or someone at BEGL may have done it as well. I don't think WIMS (WIMS-D) is widely used. The vendors have their own proprietary systems, otherwise folks use CASMO, which is part of Studsvik-Scandpower's CASMO/SIMULATE system.

    It might be available through IAEA - www.nea.fr/abs/html/iaea1395.html [Broken]

    For additional possibilities, try searching Google with "WIMS-D","C++"

    Good luck!
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    I saw the artilce. that's not one which I'm looking for.
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