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Medical CA glue for lacerations?

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    So, in a moment of overwhelming joy, I (blindly) leaped into the air with my hands above my head and punched my ceiling fan. My left fist hit one of the lights and gave me a pretty deep gash on my knuckle. I'm thinking of putting some CA glue on it to keep it closed but not sure if its a good idea. I know the stuff was originally designed to replace stitches but all I have is hobby model airplane grade. Is it a good idea to use this stuff to help keep my skin stuck together?
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    What makes you think the glue is sterile? Do you have any butterfly bandages? How long did it take to stop bleeding?
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    I really dont know if its sterile. I do not have any butterfly bandages but I will buy some today. It took about 10 minutes for it to stop bleeding.
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    The ca glue does not support any germ growth.
    Yes use the glue to close the wound.
    Sealing the wound with will stop germs from entering the wound and stop bleeding.
    Hobby model airplane glue is basically the same thing as the medical glue.
    The little tubes of super glue can do the same thing.
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