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Cabibbo Theory

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    I'm trying to cover the basics of Cabibbo theory, yet the materials Ive been presented with give a very jumbled description, and I'd just like to ask here to obtain some clarity...

    Is it fair to say that the Cabibbo angle is a means of quantifying the different coupling strengths between different generations of quarks?

    Or is this too much a simplification or just plain ol wrong?


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    That is exactly what the cabibo angle is for. Cabbibo theory accounts only for the u d and s quarks. This was extended my the GIM mechanism which proposed the c quark to account for K0 -> mu+ mu - supression; And the CKM matrix extends the same (Cabbibo +GIM) theory to the complete 3 generations.

    You're statement is the basis of the theory, yes.
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    Thanks alot,
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