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Cable size calculating

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    Dear all engineers,

    I would like to know the method of calculation the size of the cables, and what the perimeters needed to do this calculation.

    also, I would like to know how to get the seqmm cable size if we have AWG cable size And vice versa.

    thank you
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    That formula is only to calculate the AWG for a given diameter.
    There are rules to calculate what wire gauge you need based on voltage drop, power dissipation etc - http://beta.circuitwizard.bluesea.com/ [Broken]
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    thanks all for your great reply
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    There are also differences for solid and stranded wire for resistance/current ability. Something to keep in mind. They are very small, but exist.
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    The parameters needed are the load to be served, (what is amperage, wattage, horsepower, etc...), what are the load characteristics, (is it a motor, resistive load, etc....), what is the voltage at which the load operates and what is the distance from the source to the load.

    There are code implications for sizing for many types of loads, so it is also dependant on what and where the load is located, (in a lab, in a new building, etc....).
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