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Cable/Wire management in Pro-E

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    My robotics group and I are currently in the process of engineering an autonomous underwater vehicle. We have designed most of the parts in Pro-E however we still need to design the cables and wires as well as design how they will be managed. Does anyone know if Pro-E can be used for cable/wire management and if so how?
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    Yes it can. Pro-E has an add on called routed systems designer and Pro/Cable if you want to get into the nitty gritty. However, there's no reason why you just can't use the regular package to do your wiring harnesses. What is so special that you need to do that requires that kind of package?
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    My robotics group competes every year in a competition. We build an autonomous underwater vehicle that can self-navigate its way through a course, it has many sensors on it and the wiring gets really complicated... we want to get all the details on Pro-E this year because the previous year we didn't put the wiring and cable management in the Pro-E design and it really made things harder for us when we had to build it.
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    When I fired up Pro this morning, I looked in the help section so you could get a quick glimpse of Pro-Cable and RSD. I'm sure that if you do some searching you can find some more detailed info.

    In my work, we have guys that are devoted to nothing but wiring harnesses, so I don't deal with it. However, I have made some rudimentary models just using the standard app and getting creative with datum points, curves and sketches.

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    Wow, that's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
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