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CAD blocks for traffic arrows

  1. Aug 5, 2009 #1
    Does anyone know where I could download some free cad blocks for traffic arrows to be painted on a road.

    My company is doing a site plan for a new pizza hut and I have to alter the highway to have some turning lanes some turning arrows and strait arrows. Couldn't find any on Google.


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    Isn't that the sort of thing you're supposed to be buying from state / provincial / federal / whatever approved traffic-supply companies? Especially if they have to be seen at night.

    EDIT: Glossed over the part about painting on the road (as opposed to road signs): but if this is permanent, I think it still needs to be done with the bake-on night-visible stuff (and the guys that would do that would have the graphics for doing that sort of thing), or some guy laying / painting this stuff by hand anyways.
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