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CAD Certification Advice

  1. Jan 11, 2010 #1
    I need help making a decision on wither to pursue CAD certification. I'm a part time student finishing up on my Associate of Science. I work for an engineering group doing Detailer work in Catia V5. For a raise at my work, I want to pursue GD&T certification. I spoke with my college and if I take five classes spread out over this semester and the next, I could be certified in GD&T and Autocad by the third month of next year.

    What makes this a difficult decision is because I'm planning on transferring and finishing up with a BS in Aerospace engineering or Mechanical engineering. Autocad would set me back a year because of my part time status. Is this certification worth losing a year? I know that it would make me more employable right now, but is it worth investing that time for my major?

    Opinions and experience are welcome. Thank you.
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  3. Jan 18, 2010 #2
    im not sure if i should be saying anything because im younger than you but,
    CAD is a very difficult to master and really be fluent with the programs. If you were to take the class you would also be very valuable because CAD and the related skill set from 3d modeling and design can be used in many areas and just about any engineering branch requires these skills. If you decide to do a different position i suppose your skills would also be useful for things like developing and generating scientific models.

    I say its worth it but i guess it depends on how eager you are/ how much you think you will actually use it in your career

    hoped this helped kinda...
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