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Cad Help

  1. Aug 1, 2004 #1
    i was wondering if any of you fellows, new of a good ( and free ) cad program that u could suggest?

    thanx regards
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    A google search for TurboCad might help, though if you really want a "good" CAD system, it won't be "free" (well, not legally anyway).
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    AutoCAD and Pro-E are good, but not free.
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    There are a few cheap CAD programs out there, ($10.00 turbocad older limited capability versions).

    There are some pretty good architectural CAD programs out there that are not as versatile as AutoCad but work great for quick drafting of square or rectagular rooms with an occasional odd angle. Such as Borderbund's "Home Architect," also available for about $10.00 for older versions, or about $50.00 for up-to-date.

    AutoCad Lite is available for about $50.00. This is supposed to have some of the features of AutoCad.

    What do you want to draw?
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    i would like to draw like prototypes for robotics and other aplications
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    The inexpensive version of ISMI TurboCad or AutoCad lite would probably be fine for that, unless you're already used to one of the more expensive versions, then you will find yourself wanting and lacking the other features or controls. Search the bargain areas and software departments of stores like OfficeMax or Staples for these.

    If you want to test some out, here are some free trail versions of various CAD software:

    Free trail CAD

    PS. I may have been wrong about the cost of AutoCad Lite. The site I listed says it's over $500.00.

    Here is a site offering Cheap and free CAD versions:

    Free and Cheap CAD
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    have any of you used turbo cad version 8?
    i have that cad program but it is hard for me to understand how to use it, have any of you had experience with that cad program?

    thanks regards
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    As I recall, it's pretty simple and basic, with an interface not dissimilar to AutoCAD. If you really want hard to understand, you wanna try Pro-E!

    If you can get a license for Solidworks, that has a very simple user interface, and some pretty helpful online tutorials.
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    yea it does have a very simple user interface i guess i just need to remember how to remember wat is wat, im only 16 so im having a hard time understanding it more into physics and electronics then computers even though electronic and computers are in the same subject.

    thanx regards
  11. Aug 6, 2004 #10
    Yeah, all things considered, Solidworks is king. But it's still pretty expensive.

    There's a new program called Alibre Design that's alot like Solidworks, from what I can tell. They offer a 30-day free trial (and the seat price isn't bad either). That should be enough time to learn everything you need to know about parametric modeling, and are afraid to ask. But that's twelve hours a day, six days a week. Don't tell your mom.
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    If you do not want to get a program through copying, I believe AutoDesk occasionally releases full-featured demo CDs of their software- time limited. I'm not sure about how to get them, though...never had to resort to using one.

    For your purposes, AutoDesk Inventor sounds excellent...it's not a true drafting program. You "sketch" out your work, and the program will adjust the dimensions to suit how it all fits together. Calculates moments and mass/volume, as well. I don't know how SolidWorks works, but it is known as being quite capable, as well.
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    I use Autocad2000 but also use Autodesk Autosketch. I don't know if autosketch is still available but it's simple to use and was a much cheeper program.


  14. Aug 8, 2004 #13
    never heard of autosketch new to me
  15. Aug 9, 2004 #14
    Autosketch isn't around anymore (ok you can download it probably).
    If you're a student you might be able to get a students licence.
    In holland you can get licences for a lot of software for bargain prices if your a student (e.g. WinXP pro for 20 euro's).

    I dunno where you live but you might try that (if your a student).
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