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News Cain no longer a candidate.

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    I guess this turns his whole 9-9-9 thing upside down.

    Cain says he is not able.
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    I have been trying to think of all the reasons why I would NEVER have voted for Cain for President had he become the Republican nominee. The first, most important reason is that he seemed to be totally and absolutely unqualified.
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    Would anybody like to (attempt to) explain the use of "suspend" here? Is it just a euphemism for "quit" or is there some deeper significance? (My cynical little mind wonders if the deeper significance has something to do with who gets to keep any unspent campaign funds...)
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    There are indeed some ramifications (like the ability to continue to fund raise, or to jump back in at a later date):
    http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/12/03/9193461-what-suspending-a-campaign-means [Broken]

    Based on that explanation, I'd bet the majority of candidates "suspend" even when they quit.
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    If it's upside down does tht make it 666?
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    :smile: Nice turn of phrase ... as usual for you. Cain's "9-9-9 thing" was prima facie ridiculous anyway. Another clueless (or careless) candidate bites the dust.
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    Thanks. One good turn deserves another.
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    Seriously, being a Presidential nominee seems to be the curse of philanderers and adulterers. If you plan to be one, be clean in your relationships.
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    Cain never had a real chance to win. He was simply created and destroyed by the media to make for good headlines. He was a buffer zone in between the faltering Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich who would eventually become the "anti-Romney". Those who really thought his instant surge from 8% to 25% overnight was anything of substance should have seen this coming.

    Not only was he unelectable (and to add to the list, he is pro-choice in a party that is staunchly pro-life), but he's someone that any sane human being would not want to elect.

    Cain was "the outsider":
    1. You're only an outsider until you're on the inside.
    2. The most corrupt of insiders started with an "outsider" campaign.
    3. Managing a fourth-rate pizza joint =/= managing a country.
    4. Insiders may have made mistakes, but mistakes are lessons that better you. Cain would be coming in the presidency blind.

    Cain's allegations of adultery prove:
    1. He is either beyond the threshold of any moral values voter.
    2. Or, he is very bad at handling the press.

    Cain's 999 plan:
    1. Would impose a sales tax (9%) on fixed incomes: retiring seniors, injured veterans, mentally/physically disabled.
    2. He simultaneously claims that his sales tax would raise high revenue and that it could be avoided by buying used items at the same time.
    3. He claims the plan is revenue nuetral but wants to exempt the 9% income tax for poor areas, which would result in less revenue.

    Foreign policy:
    1. He has not given specific solutions or ideas to our foreign policy problems.
    2. He has given laconic and vague responses to all foreign policy questions.
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    jduster, thanks for you comments about Cain. You raise really important points that I mostly agree with.

    IMHO, many of these same issues will apply to Newt Gingrich soon. Then both he and Cain will remain in the shadows, out of our sight, and in the dustbin of history.
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    It's likely just a way of avoiding Ross Perot syndrome.
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    who's Cain?
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