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Cal 1 in the summer

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    I am planning to take cal 1 during the next summer semester. I just wanted to know if 1) it is a bad idea to have something like cal taken at a fast pace and 2) will there be to much work to take a writing course(technical writing) a long with it.
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    Calc 1 is the most important class you will ever take in your life as a physics major, you should be in no rush to get through it. Does that mean the summer class is bad? I don't know, that all depends.
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    I took calc I over the summer with a Mexican lady who could hardly speak English. Calc I is not that hard as long as you've got a fairly solid basis in algebra and know a little trig. I passed with a B, and I think my math skills are more than sufficient for my major (engineering). Your mileage may vary as a physics major.
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    I took it during the summer last year with zero problems whatsoever. Unless its one of those accelerated like 6 week or something classes then I wouldnt worry about it. Mine was about the same length as a normal semester except we met 3 times a week instead of 2 to offset the slightly shorter run.

    My professor was extremely slow though, spending an obscene amounts of time just on limits. As a consequence we didnt get as far through as some other classes thought the part we missed overlapped with calc 2 so no problems there.

    I love summer and I've never had a problem with the faster pace. I've taken Calc 1, Computer science,philosophy and am now taking circuit analysis.
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    And as an addendum to my previous post, my class was five weeks. I still survived. And I'm not really a math wiz...

    Oh, and we only skipped two sections out of about thirty five.
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    Good I feel better now. Thankyou everyone
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