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Homework Help: Calc 1 problem

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    whitch of agnesi problem) its a curve defined as follows. let O be the origin, let T be the point (0,1), and let m be the line through T parallel to the x-axis. Let C be the circle centered at (0,0.5) with radius 0.5. For any point P on the circle besides O and T, we draw a ray from O through P. let this ray intersex m at point X. we then draw the altitude from X to the line through P parallel to the x-axis. The foot of this altitude, point A, is on the witch curve. When we trace out the resulting points A for all possible P, and include point T, we get the witch curve. Find the Parameterization for it and a function f such that the witch curve is the graph of the function y = f(x)

    Thanks SO SO much
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    Please don't double post.
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    Sorry mark I'm new
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    Please post a response if you get the chance. I'm sorry I double posted- I promise I won't do it again. (that's not an excuse to not answer my question haha)
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    One of the rules of PF is that you have to post your attempt at the solution before anyone here can provide any hints.
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    please verify my solution:

    a= radius
    x= 2acos(t)
    y= a[1-cos 2(t)]
    y= 8a^3/x^2+4a^2

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