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Calc 2 pass/fail

  1. Jan 3, 2011 #1
    Hey everyone. I'm planning on taking calc 2 this semester in addition to some other demanding courses. Since I'm hoping to at least minor in physics, I know the class is important for later and I will take it seriously. However, I'd like to take it pass/fail to make this semester much less stressful.

    Calc2 at my school has a reputation for being tough (so does calc1). I took calc 1 here and although I got an A, I lost quite a few points throughout the semester making minor errors since the grading is quite harsh. I'm thinking that if I'm not so nervous before exams and not so bent out of shape over getting a good grade I can learn just as much minus the anxiety.

    Do you guys think this is a good idea? Obviously the concern is that I end up half-assing the class and have trouble in the future because of it. I've never taken a class pass/fail and I'm not sure calc2 is the type of class that should be taken this way.
    I'd appreciate your thoughts and experiences. Thanks.
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    Wait, you actually get to chose whether or not it's graded or only pass/fail?!
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    I think you should check your school policy better.At my school I am not allowed to take an in major course or a prerequisite to one with a pass/ fail.From what I know it usually works that way in schools that offer a pass/fail option.

    Calc2 is certainly not a course that you should take as pass/fail if you intend to be a physics major.It is a course you should take as pass/fail if you are an art student who really wants to do integrals.
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    What exactly are you majoring in?
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    @Joker: we are allowed to take a limited number of credits as pass/fail depending on the class
    @bp: I looked at the policy and while I'm not allowed to take major courses as pass fail, it doesn't say anything about prerequisites. However, I get your point and see that it's not a good idea to take it pass/fail
    @Dougg: I'm majoring in economics.

    The reason I was thinking about taking it pass/fail was because I'm taking two fairly difficult economics classes and my final foreign language class (I hate foreign language) and by taking it pass/fail I would have a more relaxing semester by not worrying about the grade. But, it seems like this would be a bad idea, so thanks for your advice.
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    You need to talk to somebody at your school who knows its policies. Do you have a faculty member assigned to you as an academic advisor?
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    I don't know about anything else that much, but, if you want to go to graduate economics schools (fairly decent ones) Calculus 1-3 is a prerequisite. Taking a pass/fail course would give a bad signal to adcoms. In many other aspects I would advice you against it.
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