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Homework Help: Calc 2 Physics problem

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    A horizontal clothesline is tied between 2 poles, 20 meters apart.
    When a mass of 3 kilograms is tied to the middle of the clothesline, it sags a distance of 2 meters.

    What is the magnitude of the tension on the ends of the clothesline in N?

    Ok, im totally lost on this problem, Ive tried drawing the free body diagrams and really hasnt helped.
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    Hint: If the mass stays sagging at two meters, what must the net force in it be? What individual forces are acting on the mass?
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    I figured it out!!!! T(y)=.5(mg)=.5(29.43)

    And then I can use the distance to solve for the angle and then use trig with that angle to find T!
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