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Calc 2

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    So i went to my first calc 2 class today, and i was lost =( i took calc 1 2 semesters ago and i dont remember anything (i got a B+ on calc 1)

    few students felt the same way, and ask the professor what to do, and his reply was "will you consider take calc1 again? Thats my best advise"
    But i cant do this cuz that will slow me down 2 semester, since i need calc 2 for next semester to take my next clases. So now that the weekend is coming up, i would like to review calc 1...

    Can you guys tell me what from calc 1 will be used a lot in calc 2.. also can you guys tell me the best way to review calc 1 (like a web link with a summarize review of calc 1)
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    Calculus II seems to have a lot to do with integrals. I'd review integration if I were you.
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    What was the topic today that lost you?
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    hyperbolic functions

    is there a good site that helps with this?
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    Google Khan Academy. He doesn't have anything on hyperbolic functions, but hyperbolic functions are something you just need to plug values into a formula in anyway. Your prof is a monster if he makes you remember all those formulas without a 3x5.
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    Which integration review do i need? (there are a lot of them)

    Introduction to definite integrals
    Definite integrals (part II)
    Definite Integrals (area under a curve) (part III)
    Definite Integrals (part 4)
    Definite Integrals (part 5)
    Definite integral with substitution
    Integrals: Trig Substitution 1
    Integrals: Trig Substitution 2
    Integrals: Trig Substitution 3
    The Indefinite Integral or Anti-derivative
    Indefinite integrals (part II)
    Indefinite Integration (part III)
    Indefinite Integration (part IV)
    Indefinite Integration (part V)
    Integration by Parts (part 6 of Indefinite Integration)
    Indefinite Integration (part 7)
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    This should be covered in calculus II, or at least, it will be in mine. Look at the first video and see if it's familiar.

    This as well. Should be in calc II.

    The rest should have been covered in calculus I, and they are pretty fundamental to integration in general.
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    Should i even consider taking calc 1 again? is it that necessary as the professor mentioned?
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    It depends. Ask yourself honestly how much Calc I stuff you know, if by just browsing through old notes and the textbook your memory will refresh. We can't answer that for you.
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    so all this:

    Introduction to definite integrals
    Definite integrals (part II)
    Definite Integrals (area under a curve) (part III)
    Definite Integrals (part 4)
    Definite Integrals (part 5)
    Definite integral with substitution
    The Indefinite Integral or Anti-derivative
    Indefinite integrals (part II)
    Indefinite Integration (part III)
    Indefinite Integration (part IV)
    Indefinite Integration (part V)
    Indefinite Integration (part 7)

    anything else?

    pst i picked those names from http://www.khanacademy.org/#Calculus
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    I'd recommend picking up "A Calculus Lifesaver" by Adrian Banner (http://press.princeton.edu/titles/8351.html). You can get it for around $17 from Amazon. The book is a great supplement for the entire calculus sequence (I - III). I've used it for a year now and earned an A (94%) in Calc I and should receive an A in Calc II (waiting on final exam grade; only needed 73% for an A in the class).

    Also, check out Paul's Online Lecture Notes. The notes are very indepth and provide a few examples as well.

    For Calc I: http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/Classes/CalcI/CalcI.aspx
    For Calc II: http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/Classes/CalcII/CalcII.aspx

    I'll see if I have a copy of my syllabus to give you an idea of the subject matter we covered this past semester. I found this stuff on my classes' website.

    Course Description
    (A continuation of MATH 140.) Prerequisite: MATH 140. A study of integration and functions, with application, and coverage of other topics. Focus is on techniques of integration, improper integrals, and applications of integration (such as volumes, work, arc length, and moments); inverse, exponential, and logarithmic functions; and sequences and series.

    Course Goals
    After completing this course, you should be able to:
    • set up and solve word problems involving integration (for example, the concepts of density, velocity, and work)
    • calculate, using integration, the length along a curve
    • find the volume and surface area of irregularly shaped objects having axial symmetry
    • integrate functions involving trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions
    • evaluate improper integrals
    • apply L'Hôpital's rule to calculate the derivatives of indeterminate forms
    • integrate more complex functions using the following techniques:
    • integration by parts
    • the method of partial fractions
    • trigonometric substitution
    • integration using tables
    • symbolic integration with MATLAB
    • establish the convergence and divergence of infinite sequences
    • establish the convergence and divergence of infinite series
    • construct Taylor series for common functions
    • approximate functions with finite power series and estimate the error in the approximation

    Hopefully this helps and good luck with the class. I found Calc II a little tougher than Calc I.
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    Well just ordered that book :) and will read all those Calc I Paul's Online Lecture Notes (i really need to get a good grade in this class)

    Thanks any other suggestion will be apreciated
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    I'd also review summation and trig if I were you. A glance through my calculus book shows it's going to be very useful.
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    I definitely wouldn't retake the class. I was in the same boat as you but with algebra. I had a five year gap between algebra and my first calc class.

    I relearned it pretty quick while doing the calc stuff. Since then I've aced calc I,II, and III.
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    I earned a 78% on my final exam; not too disappointed since the class average was 81%. Its all moot anyways since by my calculations, I ended the class with a 92% average.

    Angry Citizen hit on something I forgot to mention. Definitely review summation and trig. Trig is scattered all throughout Calc II and summation will come in handy when you get to sequences and series (primarily power and Taylor).
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    Don't worry man, all of us "normies" become lost at some point in maths classes. Just study your heart out, and NEVER, EVER, become lost with a concept and tell yourself: "I'm not going to worry about it... I'll just learn it before the final".

    If you do that, there is a very good chance that you're going to stress out like crazy before your final. Just try and stay on top of your topics, and don't be afraid to go to your profs office hours.

    And, yeah, review your integration. I would try and look at the Taylor series too.
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    Take a look at your syllabus and see what topics will be covered throughout the semester, than review/read the chapter before the lecture is given. Do the same after the lecture to solidify what the Professor has said.

    Also http://www.patrickjmt.com" [Broken]is great for refreshing your knowledge and/or learning new stuff. The guys is a phenomenal teacher as well and the videos are far from boring.
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    *bookmarked* :tongue:

    thanks for that one... lurking in threads does pay off!
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    No problem. The site is amazing when you're stuck -- a true asset. He updates very often, as well.
  21. Aug 28, 2010 #20
    That's great to hear. I'm actually in a similar position to the OP--I'm switching from 1st year physics to 1st year engineering, but since I already took calc 1-2 and linear algebra I wont be doing any math study until next year with a couple senior courses. Plus with the summer I'm sure I've dropped a few neurons here and there some refreshing probably won't hurt.
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