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Calc 3

  1. Aug 10, 2009 #1
    Can anyone give me some suggestions of some essentials, calc or non-calc, that I should review and be comfortable with in calc 3?

    I know trig sub is supposedly important, and I'm assuming other basic derivative/integration techniques will be coming up a lot too...a lot of topics are bound to show up at one point, but are there any important algebra or trigonometric things I should specifically brush up on before going into this math?

    Thank you!
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    The OP of that thread asked for how to review for both calc 3 and diff eq, but the stuff you should review for both of these courses are pretty similar...

    Usually, though, the basic stuff from Calc 1-2 is really all you need... you'll be basically doing the stuff you did in those classes in 3D when you get to calc 3. I don't remember trig sub being that important though... but you'd certain want to know some differentiation/integration techniques, and you should review what derivatives/integrations actually are. Some linear algebra concepts like dot products and cross products would be helpful, but the class will cover those materials as well, so no worry if you haven't seen it.

    To name a few more, trigonometry and polar coordinates will be helpful as well.
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