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Courses Calc courses

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    I recently took Calc AB and have signed up for Calc for Life and Social sciences.
    Can someone tell what to expect in my new class and if AB is/was an appropriate prep. class?

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    Calculus for Life and Social Sciences will probably be a less rigorous presentation of calculus than you received in the Calc AB course. If the Calc BC course is available I would advise that you take that instead.
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    Are you moving on to college? If so, then calculus II would be a good fit.
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    Ah, okay. The class I'm taking has transferable units so that's why I'm taking it. And yes, I just finished high school and am taking a couple of classes at the community college.

    I was a bit unsure of my calc skills so hopefully this class will cement the knowledge in my brain better.

    Thanks for the replies.
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    Did you pass your calculus AB class and get college credit for it? If so, taking the Calculus for Life and Social Sciences might be a little too repetitive, unless you're extremely unsure of your calculus skills.
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    I passed with a B, but i didn't take the AP exams so no college credits.
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