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Calc Formulas

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    Calc Formulas ~Help~

    I am looking for an organized list of calc formulas, can anyone help me out?

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    well mathworld.com is a good resource but you'd be better off learning calculus than just memorizing formulae.
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    I agree. Calculus is a HUGE topic to cover in a list of formulas. Is this for a class?
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    agreed. a bit part of calculus is learning how to think for yourself. given a problem, methodically going from point to point to figure out a solution. the only "formulas" that i think are worth having, is a sheet with a bunch of integrals on it, since some of them are a pain to figure out or remember every time.
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    Yeah it doesn't help to memorize them. Then, you will need to know where they came from (how to derive simple formulas) and you will understand it better. However, like stated above, some reduction formulas may need to be memorized.

    ...and if you need to, use Wikipedia. I find it to be better than most online encyclopedias.
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    This used to be "Dave's Math Tables". The name has changed, but it is still a great resource.
    Hope this helps.
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