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Homework Help: Calc I - Optimization Problem

  1. Oct 24, 2005 #1
    Is anyone willing to check my solution to this problem? The problem is described on part 1 of the solution.

    http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/5418/solution016dj.jpg" [Broken]

    http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/7669/solution025zk.jpg" [Broken]

    http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/6652/solution030fr.jpg" [Broken]

    http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/3950/solution048zi.jpg" [Broken]

    http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/7357/solution059yw.jpg" [Broken]

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    I'm getting a broken link on your page two, but it doesn't matter. Your work is fine - well laid out and correct.

    Two things: 1) You can also eliminate r=0 as a solution by checking the first derivative in its vicinity. It leads to a maximum, as you might guess.

    2) I'm not extraordinarily fond of the way you express h. If I were your professor, I'd ask you to clean up the arithmetic a bit - but that's your call and his.

    Good job.
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    Thanks for checking it over Diane_
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    [tex]1/2\,{v}^{2}={\frac {{\it GM}}{y}}[/tex]
  6. Oct 25, 2005 #5
    [tex]\[\int \!v{dv}=-{\it GM}\,\int \!{y}^{-2}{dy}\]}[/tex]

    testing out latex... ignore last two replies by me
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