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Homework Help: Calc III, confused on (x,y,z);

  1. Aug 31, 2005 #1
    Hello everyone. I'm suppose to imagine the cartesian product or three-dimensional rectangular coordinate system (R^3 = {(x,y,z)|x,y,z R}) that the orgin is a source of gravity and a tight rope connects the point (10,0,0) to the point (10,0,0) to the point (0,10,0) on the tight rope holding their hand straight out to their sides so their boyd forms a cross. Which hand will be pointing in the postive z direction? Draw pictures describing this situation and make sue to account for the effect of the orgin being the only source of gravity. Did I draw the picture right? Here is my drawing: http://img303.imageshack.us/img303/5346/math2gn.jpg [Broken]

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    Yes. Since the origin is a "source of gravity", the person will be standing on the rope with his feet toward the origin and so his torso will be in the xy-plane, his arms stretched out perpendicular to the xy-plane and so parallel to the z-axis. Assuming, as in the picture (you seem to have left out some of the words), that the person is facing y-axis, since this is a right-hand coordinate system, his right hand will be pointing in the direction of the positive z-axis and his left in the direction of the negative z-axis.
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    sorry about the double post, i'll keep it in the college section! Somtimes I don't know if my questions are too simplistic for college level even though it is.
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