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Calc III + Linear Algebra

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    Is it a good idea to take Calc III + Linear Algebra I + Discrete Mathematics all in the same semester? In terms of scheduling for the Fall 2010 semester, this type of courseload was the best way for me to setup my schedule...

    I've done some self study for Calc III and Linear Algebra I so it's not like I'm just fondling around in the dark, but I know I will be spending a lot of time at home practicing and doing homework for the classes.

    Anyway, what advice do you guys have?
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    I took calc III, linear algebra, and differential equations all in the same semester and was able to pass all of them; it helped in calc III and diffy q the intructors took the test question right from homework/lectures respectively, its doable I say
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    Leptos, I'll be taking the same 3 courses as you this fall, in addition to a soph level mechanics class. I have no idea if it's a good idea so I'm interested to hear some more responses as well.
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    I'm also taking principles of physics I(part of a 1 year program that covers calcphysics 1-3), and English 102 since that's supposedly a degree requirement.

    Hopefully 17.5 credits won't be an overload.
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