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Calc III or diff eq?

  1. Nov 15, 2004 #1
    I am considering taking 1 or the other and possibly both next semester. Is there any advantage to taking one of them first, will taking calc III help me with diff eq or vice versa?
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    My advisor and everyone I knew ahead of me recommended taking Diff Eq directly after Calc II. After having Diff Eq and Calc III, I recommend the same thing; take diff eq directly after calc II and then take calc III.

    The reason is because Diff Eq builds off of a lot of that you learn in Calc II, sequences and series for example.
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    DaVinci makes a very good point, it does help to take them that way I would think.

    Now if you normally get all A's and stuff then just take both at the same time, that's what I did.
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