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Calc Physics

  1. Oct 31, 2006 #1
    How difficult is first year Calc-based physics?
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    It's challenging and interesting and fun and very rewarding. Great stuff.
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    Heya Weave, I'm in that class right now and loving it. Berkeman is correct, it is very rewarding. As far as how difficult it is, that is hard to say. How well do you understand calculus? For me, the class has been more or less easy, but my major is physics so that is to be expected. Good luck if you end up taking the class! Cruise over to the physics homework section and take a look around, it will give you a basic idea.
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    Thanks Matt. Yah I'm taking Calc I. and Calc Physics. But I hear you don't even actuall use calculus until later on. Anyways, I'm pretty familiar with derivatives, limits, etc. Any words of wisdom?
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