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Homework Help: Calc Quest.

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    How would you find the volume of a standard football? Would you just represent it as an ellipse, and use the method of shells to evaluate the volume?

    Thanks :smile:
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    What do you mean "just represent it as an ellipse"? An ellipse is a two-dimensional object and a foot-ball is not. I presume you meant "an ellipsoid". If you know the formula for volume of an ellipsoid, go ahead and use it. If you don't then you would probably find the volume of an ellipsoid by using the method of shells anyway.
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    Actually, he ought to find the volume of a prolate spheroid, but I don't like American football to begin with, so it is a complete mystery to me why I entered this thread in the first place only in order to post a thouroughly anal comment about something I loathe.
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    Put in a fixed volume of water, and collect the displaced amount - EUREKA!

    - Ben
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    See this sort of complicated problem wouldn't have arisen if you Americans played normal football with a nearly spherical object like the rest of the world. :biggrin: LOL

    At any rate, this link might help : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prolate_spheroid
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