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Calc w/ analytic geometry test

  1. Aug 21, 2014 #1
    So I am trying to test into the Calculus with Analytic Geometry class at my school. I've already taken the first AP Calculus class my senior year of high school (but wasn't particularly concerned with my grade, and never took the test, since it was an extra curricular class for me). Then I took a gap year before college. When I applied this spring, they needed my ACT score (which I also hadn't taken). I took it and only got a 25 (a 27 is needed for the calc class) on the math portion of it (I hadn't so much as thought of an equation in over a year!)

    Now I'm in Algebra and Trig but it's below my level and I've requested to transfer to the Calc class. My prof is writing up the exam for me to take tomorrow but never responded to my email about what I should go over.

    Any suggestions on what exactly I should study? Maybe a helpful link or two to a study guide/problems? I'd really appreciate any advice/suggestions!
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    Just take the test. If the material in pre-calc truly is "below [your] level", then you should have no problem. If you really need to study just to pass an entrance exam, then you probably haven't mastered the prerequisite material needed to do well in the course.

    If you pass, great. If not, use your semester in pre-calc as an opportunity to get off to a really good start to a successful run in university mathematics. It's better to spend a semester ahead of the game than it is to try and bump yourself up to a level higher than where you belong and be behind for the rest of your time taking math classes.
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    The material in my current course is below my level. I've read through the homework and quizzes through the rest of the semester and it's all stuff that was covered in math classes I've had before, all things that I do remember without trouble.

    I guess I phrased my question wrong by using the word "study." "Brushing up" would be better. I've been out of a math class for more than a year and I just wanted to know what would be expected for me to know already in a Calculus class so I could go over it and make sure I remember it all. All I need to do is get a decent review in before the exam so I don't forget something silly like the quadratic formula.
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    The syllabus, homework, and quizzes from the class that you're in should give a fair picture of what you will be expected to know going into calculus. I reckon the person writing the test will consider it all fair game.
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