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Calcium Carbonate equilibrium

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    Calcium Carbonate is heated in a closed vessel, and an equilibrium is reached.

    CaCO3 (s) <=> CaO(s) + CO2 (g)
    At 500 C the equilibrium pressure of carbon dioxide is 1.2*10^-3 atm and at 1000 C it is 3.87 atm.
    what is the equilibrium constant for this reaction at 500 C? :confused:
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    Try posting your questions in the chemistry subforum here at PF (I don't have the time to help you at the moment).
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    I'm not really good at chemistry but isn't it 1.2*10^-3? The only gas around is CO2 so writing the equlibrium formula gives CO2's pressure. This probably isn't right but how to do it?
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    The equilibrium formula refers to concentration not pressure of a liquid. Is it the same for a gas? or is the pressure used in the case of a gas?
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    I think I got it right now. Since PV=nRT, P=MRT. Thus, M=P/RT. I think you can do the rest.
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