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Homework Help: Calculas homework question

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    Hi everyone. I have this problem for my calculas class. So far i can only get a word which adds up to 94. any help is greatly appreciated.

    For the alphabet, let a=1, b=2, ... z=26 then, you can start adding up letters of a word. For example, "love" = l+o+v+e = 12+15+22+5 = 54. So, love is 54% important. If you get a word that adds up to more than 100, subtract 100 from it until you get a number equal to or less than 100. The question is: can you find a word that adds up to 100 exactly?
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    can anyone help me with this exercise
    Inte[(-(x)/((x + 1) - (x + 1)^(1/2))) dx]
    and the question is: find the indefinite integral

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