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    Calculate a VIBRATING FEEDER ????

    Hi everyone!

    how i calculate the flow in a vibrating feeder?

    What data should i use to solve a problem like this? i think that i would need the center of mass of the feeder the power of the magnetic or the unbalanced vibrating feeders?

    can someone explain me in the detail how to resolve a problem like this?

    or provide me a example to solve a problem like this?

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    Re: Calculate a VIBRATING FEEDER ????

    OK maybe you guys dont know what is a vibrating feeder.

    basically it's a machine that has a vibrating motor that procudes a flow rate to material in the feeder.

    [PLAIN]http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/2666/3d2020fuf207220dpi20sma.gif [Broken]

    [PLAIN]http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/9335/3dfmf207220small.jpg [Broken]
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    Re: Calculate a VIBRATING FEEDER ????

    Have you tried setting this up in terms of work and energy? Gravity is doing most of the work, and the only thing acting against it is friction.
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    Re: Calculate a VIBRATING FEEDER ????

    Hi Skrambles!

    Can you explain me i detail in what are you thinking in therms of work, energy, and gavity?

    What formulas do i have to use?

    how can i choose the right vibrating motor?

    What will afect the position of the vibrating motors in the feeder, some vibrating feeders have the motor postioned in the sides of the support, other work bellow the feeder?

    thanks alot
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