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Calculate angle of attack

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    Im currently reading a book on flight control systems and a Im stuck on a particular part. Im trying to work out the rotation matrix for the wind frame but I require the angle of attack denoted α and side slip angle denoted β i know what i need to do to get the answer but i require angle of attack and side slip angle and this is acquired from working out VT which is the projected airspeed vector on the aircraft

    so my question is how would i work out the airspeed vector VT and therefore the side slip βangle and angle of attack α

    The book chapter i am reading is in the URL below it is marked 1.3 Wind Frame it has a better structured way of presenting the problem.


    I would appreciate any help/advice

    Thanks in advance
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    looks like that paper only covers navigation (interesting paper). angle of attack and slip angle are going to change as the plane fly's.
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