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Calculate design pressure

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    how i calculate design pressure if i have operating pressure?
    eg: i have opearting pressure 23.84, how i calculate design pressure.
    please help me.
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    Hi there, you have to be more specific, what kind of a system you are designing? what is the operating pressure you have mentioned is intended for (equipment, fixture...etc). I cannot help you unless you provide more details about the system you are talking about, and the pressure you mentioned (23.84) is it psi, bar !!!

    In general the design pressure for any system depends on the type of system (water, steam, compressed air, fuel ...etc) once you have determined the working fluid you can follow related standards for the design starting with the hydraulically most demanding point, then by using your selected pressure drop (based on the type of fliud) you can perfrom your sizing. The design pressure given in standards such as ( ASHRAE, British standrads..etc) will give you the optimum design pressure or velocity of fluid that will spare your sytem from noise, corrosion or excessive energy costs associated with high pressure drops.

    You have to provide more details!
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    sorry for that, actually i want to design a LPG metering skid whose operating pressure is given as 23.84bar and and flow rate is 97.44 to 103.9 m3/hr.
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    Still not clear enough, what component or components you are designing ( pipes, vessels, compressors...)?
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    its a 6" pipe sch 40.
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    What code is the system built to?

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    yes its carbon steel
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    Are you sure?
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    yes, its carbon steel. how can i design the flow metering skid?
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