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B Calculate heat conductivity

  1. Nov 27, 2016 #1
    Is there an easy way to calculate the temperature on one side of a material if we know what material it is, the thickness of it and the temperature on the other side. Basically can we calculated the heat transferred through a material if heated.
    Thank you
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    are you not familiar with the thermal conductivity formula ?
    much used in designing heatsinks for electronic equip and other things

    have a play in google :smile:
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    If you want to know the rate of heat flow, you need to know the temperatures on both sides. If you want to know the temperature on one side (knowing the temperature on the other side), you need to know the rate of heat flow.
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    Thank you. How would you know the rate of heat flow beforehand? Dont you need to know both temperatures to find heat flow
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    thank you
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    You would know it if you were forcibly applying it with a heater.
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    I think this will help you. As it help me too.
    In equation form, it looks like this.
    Q over t is the rate of heat transfer - the amount of heat transferred per second, measured in Joules per second, or Watts. k is the thermal conductivity of the material - for example, copper has a thermal conductivity of 390, but wool has a thermal conductivity of just 0.04. T1 is the temperature of one object, and T2 is the temperature of the other. Since it's a temperature difference, you can actually use Celsius or Kelvin, whichever is most convenient. And d is the thickness of the material we're interested in.
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