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Calculate kinetic energy

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    http://img445.imageshack.us/img445/4941/untitlediy4.png [Broken]

    This question leaves me very confused. I'm hoping someone can give me an idea of where to begin because we haven't gone over these problems in class. I understand that kinetic energy is energy that a body has as a result of motion, and is defined as one half the product of a body's mass and the square of it's speed.

    But how do I express this as an equation given the attached problem? :confused:

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    epsilon is the coefficient of restitution. Hint: Start with the ratio K_f/K_i, where K is the kinetic energy.
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    well... very simpily, what does v equal in terms of kinetic energy? try plugging that in the top and the bottom and see what you get.
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