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Calculate power spectrum?

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    I am doing a thesis in ecology using a two dimensional binary cellular automata. I have sampled a parameter for a number of generations and I would like to calculate the power spectrum for this data. I had been planning to use a software for this, but now it seems I have to do it manually.

    Does anyone know or have any helpful links to how this can be done?

    Grateful for any help,
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    Jano L.

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    What kind of function do you have to find spectrum of?

    In physics (acoustics, optics), the power spectrum of function [itex]f(t)[/itex] is sometimes called to be the function

    I(\omega) = \tilde f(\omega)^* \tilde f (\omega) ,

    measuring the strength of vibrations at frequency [itex]\omega[/itex].

    The function [itex]\tilde f (\omega) [/itex] is the Fourier component of the function f(t) on the time interval 0..T considered:

    \tilde f(\omega) = \frac{1}{T}\int_0^T f(t) e^{-i \omega t} dt.
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    It's a power law function. I found this site that I think will help me:


    Thanks though for trying to help!
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