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Calculate pressure in temperature changes

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    A toy balloon if filled with 0.150 grams of hellium and ocupied a valume of 4250.0 Cm3. It rises 2500 miters above the street where temperature is 23 degrees F. Calculate the pressure that the hellium exert inside the balloon at this altitud.

    Please anyone who can help me. I thing I have to use the pressure formula or the combine formula. Not sure.. Anyone please I have to turn in my take home test today at 10:00 am.
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    If you assume that the helium behaves as an ideal gas you can use the ideal gas equation, PV=nRT. Just convert F to C, Vol to L, g to mol. Plug and chug.
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    sorry not F to C, but F to Kelvins
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    Thanks gravenewworld, Many thanks to you.

    I apreciate the help and I hope that the Lord bless you with many good things. Your suggestion was perfect and the anwer I came up with was right. Thanks a bunch..
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