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Calculate Sensor Transmission Energy from RF Data Sheet

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    I want to calculate sensor transmission and reception energy per cycle from RF transmitter data sheet. I need these values to set my energy model parameters in NS2 simulations.
    To make clear, in NS2 simulations we set our energy model such as below :
    -energyModel EnergyModel \
    -idlePower .45 \
    -rxPower .5 \
    -txPower .5 \
    -sleepPower 0.005 \
    -initialEnergy 1000 .....

    Therefore I need to find and calculate transmission and reception power of my selected RF transmitter from its data sheet. I want to use this RF transmitter data sheet :
    http://www.rfm.com/products/data/wsn802gc.pdf [Broken]
    According to data sheet the RF Transmit Power is 10mW. So I guess the calculated numbers should be in mW. The problem is that for example by multiply Transmit Mode Current with Power Supply Voltage the expected values are not result ...

    I will be glad if anyone can explain the method for calculating the mentioned parameters(txPower,rxPower,..) from the data sheet.
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