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Calculate tension in rope

  1. Apr 1, 2012 #1
    Dear Friend,

    I am working as Graduate Engineer in transmission line. We assemble and erect transmission tower. I am stuck in one calculation. I got two section of 4 tonne and 7 mt in height.To put this two section together . First section is lifted by crane and a 20 mm rope is attach to the top part of the section.This section is slowly bolted to the leg. we pull rope at 45 degree angle about 7 meter away from the bolted leg of the section to hold the section, rope is attach to the 2.5 tonne four wheel drive Ute. now we realise the chain of the crane so it can lift second section and bring close to the first section so both can bolted together. I need to calculate rope tension on the rope when rope is pulled forward and backward to adjust with second section so it can be bolted.( Note: Rope is attach to Ute, so basically Ute is moved forward and backward ) Please help me out so i can answer my boss. Waiting for reply.
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    welcome to pf!

    hi manish98982! welcome to pf! :smile:

    it''s difficult to tell without seeing a diagram,

    but if the only forces on the rod are its weight, the tension in the rope, and the force at the end of the rod where the pivot is,

    then taking moments about the pivot, the tension times the distance from the pivot to the rope (measured perpendicularly to the rope) = the weight (mg) times the horizontal distance from the pivot to the centre of mass :wink:
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    hi manish98982! :smile:
    no, there's no diagram attached :redface:

    can you provide a link to the diagram instead?

    in future, please always reply on the thread, not by private message

    and it's against forum rules for us to give out (or ask for) email addresses​
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