Calculate the angular acceleration and angular velocity

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do the ics answer-sheets (the paper or internet forms that you have to fill in) already specify the units of the answer?

(eg rad/s2)

if so, i guess the trick is to assume that the units are correct, and to translate the actual question back into proper english accordingly :smile:
Unfortunately not they do not specify the units of measure i believe that is part of the paper to test that you understand the difference between the units. I will review the course material AGAIN :uhh: to see if i can get an idea as to which units they are looking for. I really appreciate the help this forum offers. Without it i would be even more confused. :confused:
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Afraid not TinyTim...

The ICS course is useless, I have a 1st Class Degree from Manchester Uni in History and Politics so don't consider myself stupid (just taking a different direction) and the course material is diabolical, the wording is flippant and inaccurate and to be frank very very unclear.

If I do another course after this BTEC it certainly won't be through ICS!!!

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