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Calculate the average Relative Atomic Mass of this sample of krypton

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    When an evacuated glass bulb of 1.00 dm3 capacity was filled with a sample of krypton at a pressure of 1.00 X 105 Pa and at a temperature of 300K, its mass increased by 3.32 g. Calculate the average Relative Atomic Mass of this sample of krypton.

    It's the 'mass increased by 3.32g' part that confuses me. Can anyone tell me how to handle this?
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    the glass's mass increased - since krypton was added

    mass is conserved, so mass of krypton is 3.32 g.

    You have P, you have V, you know R and T, what is n for 3.32 g of krypton?

    What is relativistic atomic mass from that n?
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    Bulb was empty (or rather full of weightless vacuum :smile: ) and then was filled with krypton. Increase in mass is mass of krypton.

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    hehe...I thought the 'it' was in reference to the sample of krypton, but I understand now. Thanks a lot you guys.
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