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Calculate the force on a door

  1. Aug 22, 2008 #1
    1. A door 1.00m wide and 2.5m high weighs 250N and is supported by two hinges, one 0.5m from the top and the other 0.5m from the bottom. Each hinge supports half the total weight of the door. Assuming that the door's center of gravity is at its center, find the horizontal components of force exerted on the door by each hinge.

    2. [tex]\sum[/tex]a = [tex]\sum[/tex]c

    3. Taking moments about the middle of the door but unsure of the values of the equation
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    [small earthquake in Chile … not many goldfish]

    Hi Harrison! :smile:

    Hint: the horizontal components of the forces on the two hinges will add to zero. :smile:
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