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Homework Help: Calculate the max launch speed

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    Ok, so for a summative project, my group has to build a catapult which must use elastic bands to propel an object. I have the energy, force, and maximum stretch distance of the elastic band. The values are 8 joules, 16 newtons, and 0.5 meters. The catapult is not built yet, so I can't give any specs about it.

    Now from this, is it possible to calculate the max launch speed, acceleration during launch, max height, and max range?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Trajectories

    Can you show how that catapult will look like?

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    Re: Trajectories

    The design won't be much different than this http://www.redstoneprojects.com/trebuchetstore/catapult_2.jpg" [Broken]

    The main difference is that my group's catapult has to launch at different angles, so we're adding a mechanism to do that.
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