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Calculate the speed of the air

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    A problem i have encountered:

    diagram at http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v11/biggm/dia.jpg [Broken]

    Here is a u-tube open at both ends partially filled with water and oil with given density is poured in the right column so the height of the oil is 5.0 cm.

    i have calculated the difference in height to be 1.25 cm.
    in the second picture, air motion on the right is shielded while air is blown over the left opening until the surfaces are at the same height.
    i am to calculate the speed of the air taking the density of air to be

    I do not know how to create the equation needed to solve this.
    i am thinking i need to find the external pressure minus the effect of the blown air on the left since it is less than the right which is just the external atmospheric pressure.

    thanks for help on this
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    anyone... .
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    someone ...anyone
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    right..the equation should be the same as last time for the two depths, but how does the speed of the air factor into the Po. On the side with the shield it will be just Po + density*g*h and on the other side it will be P + density*g*h. How can i factor the air into the equation for P on the left?

    it must be Po - effect of air...but how
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