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Calculate volume in combustion

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    What volume of O2 (m3) is needed for the complete combustion of 152 g of C2H6 at 19.0oC and 100.0 kPa ?
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    i found the moles of C2H6 which was 152g/30g/mol

    then times that by 292 K and this is where i have trouble
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    First I would set up the balanced equation for the complete combustion reaction. Then, like you did, solve for the number of moles of C2H6, using the balanced equation, determine how many moles of O2 are needed.
    then using the eqaution PV=nRT, where P is the pressure, V is the volume, n is the number of moles, R is the gas constant, and T is the temperature in Kelvin, solve for the volume.
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    i dont know how to set it up though, please help
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    C2H6 reacts with O2, producing CO2 and H2O. Write this down as an equation and balance it.

    This is true of any complete combustion...the products are CO2 and H20.
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    i got it, i balanced the equation, and used the mole ratio to find n and finally solved for volume
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    good work...if you'd like someone to double-check your calculations, post your numbers here.
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