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Calculated Mass

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    I do online schooling or I'd just ask a teacher anywho I need to find the calculated mass of a slug by difference, I'm using centigram balance to calculate everything.
    This is what I know so far:
    Snug w/ beaker: 52.42g
    Snug: 2.42
    Beaker: 50g

    I don't know if I should divide or subtract them.
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    I'm not sure I understand your question. But calculating mass by difference will mean subtract. which it seems you have already done.
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    That's what I'm thinking to but if its suppose to be the answer for a question the answer seems inadequate
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    what exactly are you trying to find? The weight of this "snug"?
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    Here's the whole question
    Use the other centigram balance to determine the slug mass by difference:
    Mass of beaker:_____
    Mass of beaker and slug:______
    Calculated mass of the slug by difference:_______

    This is using a centigram balance
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    you've done everything right if thats the case. If you measure the mass of the beaker, and you measure the mass of the beaker and the slug you will have Slug + Beaker - Beaker = Slug
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    Alright thanks I understand it I guess I was thinking it'd be longer or more complex than what it was :) So I guess I needed to double check, thanks for your help.
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    no problem:)
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