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Homework Help: Calculating change in momemtum , impulse, and average force of a person in a car.

  1. Feb 27, 2012 #1
    1.A 70 kg front seat passenger is in a car moving initially at 24m/s and is brought to rest by an airbag in 0.4 seconds after a crash.

    2. What is the change of momentum of the person in the car

    3. mΔv = (70kg)(24m/s) = 1680kg m/s

    Am I calculating this right? Is FΔt=mΔv interchangeable depending on the given information?
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    welcome to pf!

    hi cstatepat! welcome to pf! :wink:
    yes :smile:
    not following you :confused:

    ∫ F dt is impulse

    if F is constant, that's the same as F∆t​
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    Re: welcome to pf!

    Thank you for the warm welcome! :biggrin:

    What I am trying to say is if I am trying to calculate the impulse and I look at my equations FΔt or mΔv based on the information the questions gives me I can use either equation to calculate impulse? For example the question I asked didn't have a given for F so therefore I would try to find the impulse using mΔv.
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    oh i see!

    yes, exam questions do that …

    sometimes they give you the data for one side of an equation, sometimes the other side …

    you have to look at what they give you, and work with that! :wink:
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