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Calculating Deflection

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    Hello PF,

    First time here posting. So I have a question about trying to calculate the deflection of this prismatic beam by hand using superposition. I know I can figure it out in SolidWorks, but I also want to know I would do it by hand, or at least the general process. The angled bar b is really throwing me off.

    So when calculating the total deflection, δT, at end of bar a, is it the sum of the deflections due to beam a, b, and c?

    Can I assume the angular deflection, θ, are the same for bars a, b, and c?

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    The structure is statically determinate, so you can find the loads on the end of each part.

    If you start with part a, the loads on the top end are a compressive force and a bending moment, so you can find the deflections and the rotation.

    Then at the other end of part b, you have the deflections caused by part b bending, plus the rigid body motion because the end of part a has moved and rotated.

    Similarly for part c.
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