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Calculating electical energy induction.

  1. Mar 21, 2009 #1
    Hey you guys, I'm stuck on something here and need some help. Youve always come through for me in the past I hope this time too.

    I want to calculate how much current and voltage I can induce in this copper wire toroidal.

    The toroiodal. 1360 turns of awg 14. .068 average wire dia.
    Mean toroidal radius is 29cm
    coil radius is 5cm
    the length of the toroidal coil is 120cm

    The magnetic field strength used is 140,400 Gauss (Br max)
    (Bh max 405 MGOe) 3,870 lbs pull force.
    The orbiting fields cross the toroidal winds at 1750rpm.

    Its like a big alternator.
    Any help would be appreciated. Even if you have the formula I'l try to plug in my data and do the math.
    Thanks again for all the help in the past.
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