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Homework Help: Calculating feed rates and recycle stream flow rate

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    The demand for a particular hydrogenated compound, S, is 5.00k mol/h. This chemical is synthesized in the gas-phase reaction A + H2 = S.

    The reaction equilibrium constant at the reactor operating temperature is

    kp=ps/(pa x ph2)=0.1 atm^-1

    the fresh feed to the process is a mixture of A and hydrogen that is mixed with a recycle stream consisting of the same two species. The resulting mixture, which contains 3 k mol A/k mol H2, is fed to the reactor, which operates at an absolute pressure of 10.0 atm. The reaction products are in equilibrium. The effluent from the reactor is sent to a separation unit that recovers all of the S in essentially pure form. The A and hydrogen leaving the separation unit form the recycle that is mixed with fresh feed to the process. Calculate the feed rates of hydrogen and A to the process in k mol/h and the recycle stream flow rate in SCMH (standard cubic meters per hour).

    I have been working on this problem for a while now, and i'm not able to figure out how to solve it. My first question will be, can I assume that kp=0.1=ys x (10 atm)/ 0.25(10atm) x 0.75(10atm) because the products and reactants are at equilibrium? Then, what the 5 kmol/h means? is it the product stream? Should I assume a feed stream of (for example) 100 kmol/h...

    Thank you very much!
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