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Calculating Flux density in DC-DC coil

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    Hello Everyone.

    I am working on a DC-DC converter design which uses a transformer with an additional inductive element on the secondary side. The coil charges a large capacitor.

    Since there is an additional inductive element on the secondary side the inductive element builds up a field while the pulse is applied (30kHz 50% duty cycle). When the pulse ends the field collapses and produces another pulse of the same duration (30kHz 50% duty cycle) and polarity since a diode is in series with the coil and capacitor (see attachment)

    My question is: How do I calculate the Flux density since there are (2) 30kHz 50% duty cycle pulses....Do I calculate it as if it were a single 100% duty cycle 30kHz pulse? Or does the second pulse not count since it is the field collapsing?

    Thanks for the help! It is greatly appreciated.

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