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Calculating fraction of aluminum lttice sites at certain temps

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    So do to a few issues I have definitely missed some thing in my materials class so I hope I'm not going to be told I'm an idiot. Please forgive me if I seem dense I am a single mother with a one year old who is also tackling an engineering degree ^_^'''

    So with out further ado... I am working on this problem
    "Calculate the fraction of Aluminum lattice sites vacant at a) 500 C b)200 C
    and c) Room temp assumed at 25 C given that the energy to form a vacancy om aluminum is 0.76 ev/atom."

    Ok I am assuming I am using some vartion of this equation Nv=nexp(-q/KT)

    My question is what is nexp? I never quite catch what that was supposed to represent.

    and I also think I missed something else in my note because I have an example problem in them where for it the energy for vacancy is listed as .9 ev/atom but I have K written as 8.62x10 to the -5 ev/atom is K a constant I should just have memorized?
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