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I Calculating gas flow trough a pipe and a nozzle

  1. Apr 30, 2016 #1
    Hello there. I am struggling with some gas flow calculations that, I think, should be quite basic. However, I think that I miss the knowledge background for it.

    I have a setup that I am showing in the attached file but here are more details:
    -I have a vacuum chamber pumped with a turbo pump to a few 10-5 mbar.
    -A gas ligne brings a noble gas into the chamber.
    -The gas is delivered through a micro-pipette.
    -The micro-pipette diameter is 100um where the gas leaves the nozzle for the chamber and this diameter is slowly increasing until it is 2mm at the other side of the micro-pipette where it is connected to the gas line.
    -On the gas line, just before the ligne goes into the vacuum chamber, there is a manometer.

    I would like to calculate the gas flow rate from the pressure measured on the manometer but I don't know how to proceed because it can be very different depending on the flow type etc. and I don't know how to determine the flow type. Does someone has any idea how I should do? Any reference book would be very welcome too.

    Thanks in advence.

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