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Calculating Grade Percentage - Help Needed

  1. Aug 23, 2009 #1

    I was wondering whether someone could explain to me how to calculate grade percentages. My degree is made up of three elements. These elements are worth 50%, 20% and 30% each

    For element 1 (which is worth 50%) I got:

    63%, 61%, 61%, 61%

    For element 2 (worth 20%) I got:

    65% and 64%

    For element 3 (worth 30%) I got:

    42%, 58%, 64% and 62%

    I need to obtain 50% in each element in order to pass my course. But I just cannot seem to figure out how to calculate whether I got above 50% in each element. I've been trying to calculate it myself, but I just cannot seem to do it :confused:
    I'd be really, really thankful for any help!!!
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    How you calculate your grade percentage might depend on your institution's choice of using averages for each element or using straight percentages in each element.

    Assuming the method is straight percentages of each element:
    Element 1 has 4 parts. Sum of each percentage divided by 100 will be the number of parts achieved for Element 1. Elements 2 and 3 would work the same way.
    Next, just apply the percentage rates assigned for each element;
    What I mean is, element1Achieved*0.50 + element2Achieved*0.20 + element3Achieved*0.30 = Grade Percentage

    All that explained was assuming again, that the focus is on actual percentages in each element, and not on averages of each element.
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